Driver's side Lower Control Arm Rebuild

Ran into a small snag while removing the driver's side lower control arm

The Hooker header tube runs right across where the bolt needs to slide out

Using a reciprocating saw I cut the bolt after finding a replacement

I used a MAPP gas torch to heat the control arms and remove the old bushings

The heat causes the rubber to release it's grip on the metal

You can see the bushing starting to move

You heat all around the bushing and it starts to slide out of the control arm

Almost ready to push it out

I used a large flat screwdriver and the bushing slid right out

Almost nothing to clean up

Still smoking

Same process with the other bushing

And out it comes

5-10 minutes of heating

And this is the result

Next up is using a wire wheel in a drill to clean the remaining old rubber and the control arm is ready for the new bushings to go in.

Left suspension

Right suspension

Left side completed

Right side completed

All that is left to do is put the wheels back on and get the truck aligned!

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