All the old stuff removed

Steering box waiting for new pitman arm

All the new MOOG stuff waiting to go in

New idler arm

As pulled from the bone yard Jeep

A nice upgrade to the stock steering is using a Jeep Cherokee intermediate shaft. The factory GM shaft uses a u-joint at the top and a rag joint at the bottom. The rag joint gets sloppy and loose causing the steering to be sloppy and loose. The Jeep shaft uses u-joints at both ends and is therefore much tighter and stays that way. These shafts can be found in junk yards very cheap. I paid $12 for this one. This shaft is almost a direct bolt in, the part of the column that the upper part of the shaft bolts to has to be notched very slightly for the clamp bolt. Otherwise everything else is a direct match.

A little Purple Power and a scrub brush to remove the grease and grime

General Pics

Wheels & Tires

Rear Flip Kit

More Flip Kit

Master Cylinder Swap

Dash Cluster Swap

Front End Rebuild

More Front End

Even More Front End

4/6 Drop Pics

Center Console

Water Pump

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