Dash Cluster Upgrade

Stock 1990 454SS "Moonies" dash cluster
not the best looking and no tachometer
but the speedometer goes to 110mph

Stock cluster before mods and swap into the SS

Comparison of moonies dash to needles dash
needles look better and have a tach
but only goes to 85mph

Cutting the back of the dash to fit

the new cluster wiring harness

The 'new' cluster wiring harness
ready to be spliced into the truck's harness

The stock face

Face partially cleared

The stock pointers

The pointers cleared

The pointers painted silver

Ready for installation

Testing of lights and gauges
with regular bulbs

Completed with LEDs

Dip switch soldered onto DRAC
this allows for speedo correction
due to changes in tire size or gear ratio

DRAC case modified for dip switch access
and wiring harness ready to splice in

General Pics

Wheels & Tires

Rear Flip Kit

More Flip Kit

Master Cylinder Swap

Front End Rebuild

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4/6 Drop Pics

Steering Shaft

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