Engine Pics

The first 455 that I put in the Cutlass.
As you can see it didn't end very well for this one! It was a '68 era 455, that I installed the Edelbrock Performer Package on and headers. Other than that it was bone stock. With this engine combo the car ran 13.30's at 101mph, not bad for a daily driver.

A front shot of the new 468 I built to replace the blown up 455. This engine made 540 horsepower and 575 lb/ft torque on the dyno using Sunoco 94 pump gas. The intake is a Torker from Edelbrock in stock form. The oil pan is an 8 quart unit from Moroso, which hangs about an inch below the crossmember. The balancer is from BHJ. Since the engine was installed in the car I have added/changed some items. I now run an aluminum FlowKooler water pump, instead of the cheap rebuilt stock pump and aluminum pulleys.

A side shot of the new 468. I was putting the finishing touches on it before installing it in the car. It had been run on the dyno, and was ready to go in the car after getting painted Olds blue. Some specs on the engine: It has a 425 forged crank resized to a big block Chevy rod journal and restroked to 4.25" with a 7" connecting rod. Mildly ported C heads with big valves, the exhaust crossovers filled, and the center dividers welded flush. The compression is about 10.5:1. I run an HEI distributor with Accel Super coil, module and wires. A Comp Cams solid lifter cam, and Harland Sharp roller rockers. I just recently installed MSD 8.5mm wires, these are some of the best spark plug wires available. Test and compare them yourself with an Ohm meter to see the difference!

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