Fuel System

The fitting I had welded into the tank. The fitting coming out of the gas tank. The top of the pic is the diff cover. There is a length of 1/2" hard line welded to a -8 AN fitting that is welded to the front of the gas tank. The line runs along the bottom of the tank towards the rear of the car.

A Mallory fuel filter. A Mallory High flow fuel filter. It is connected to the fitting in the front of the gas tank using -8 AN lines and fittings.

A Holley "Black" pump. It is connected to the filter and fuel pressure regulator with -8 AN stainless braided lines and Aeroquip fittings.

A Holley large port pressure regulator. It is connected to a Holley 830 HP carb by -8 AN lines and fittings.

Regulator and carb. Another shot of the regulator and the carb. You can also see the Accel Super coil on top of the HEI distributor.

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