Changes that I have made to the PT in the past 14 years.

The stock exhaust pipe.

The Borla cat-back exhaust system.

Another shot of the Borla tailpipe.
You can also see the polished billet aluminum license plate frame.

Strut tower bar, a $20 eBay special!

The factory engine compartment.

The Volant air intake I added to go along with the Borla exhaust.

The stock dash.

Polished aluminum gauge eyebrows.

A side view of the stock dash.

A side view of the painted center dash.

The factory "cue ball" shift knob.

A closeup shot of the light up Flameball shift knob.
When the headlights are on the blue part of the flames lights up.

The factory unpainted center dash.
Not my car, its an early production two window switch.
Mine has four window switches.

A large shot of the painted center console and Flameball.

I added a polished aluminum trim piece around the window switches.

The factory rear end. On the lot just before I took delivery.

I removed the rear window wiper and motor assembly and replaced it with a simple black plastic plug.
It is held in with some silicone, so it can be easily removed if I want to reinstall the wiper.
I really like the smooth look of the back of the car now.

Original dash top.

Blackdash top.

Cracked original dash.

Blackdash top.

A close-up shot of the passenger side airbag cover.
The reflection is my brothers head ;-}

A closeup shot of the badge on one of the doors.

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