1976 Cutlass S

This is my '76 Cutlass S. It is Firethorne Red with white pin stripes, white interior with bucket seats and a center console. It started life with a 260 V-8, th-350 trans, and 2:73 open rear. Then I swapped in a mild 455 with a th-400 and 3:73 gears with posi. Now it has a 468, th-400, and a Ford 9" with 3:90's and a spool. On the next several pages I will show some pictures and descriptions of the changes I have made to the car.

Front view 1976 Cutlass S

The car has a Pro Torque 3000rpm stall torque converter, B&M Trans Pak with 34 element sprag in the th-400 trans, Torque Tech 3" mandrel bent exhaust with DynoMax Ultra Flo mufflers, and DynoMax JetHot coated headers. The front suspension has been rebuilt with all new parts, the bushings are all polygraphite from PST. The stock rear had lift bars from South Side Machine and new springs.
On its way is a new rear end setup. Check out page 5 for the new rear! A Quick Performance Ford 9" with 35 spline Moser axles, a Strange nodular center section with 3:90 gears, and a spool.
The rear is in and done.

rear view 1976 Cutlass S

My License Plate ;-}
The back bumper was off the car due to other work going on at the time. You can see the fuel filter and pump in front of the cross member, with the bumper on all you see is the very bottom of the filter.

license plate

Torque Tech 3" exhaust pipes sticking out the back.

tail pipes

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